Lighthouse Complete & A Petition – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 26)

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It’s the first of July! Unfortunately, this means the rainy season will be coming to an end soon. I might have to actually water my own flowers now…


And as seen from the day before, my Lighthouse project is built! Hooray!

dailyblog-july12013-3 dailyblog-july12013-4 dailyblog-july12013-5

As per usual, Isabelle wanted to hold a ceremony to celebrate the lighthouse. Nothing wrong with doing that, so I attended.

dailyblog-july12013-6 dailyblog-july12013-7 dailyblog-july12013-8


After the ceremony, Bonbon asked me to collect signatures for her petition “Late-Night Snacks for All!”. I thought it was worth a go since the last time I completed a petition, I got Beau’s picture!


I got my Best Buy Cat Tower the night before and ordered some extras for friends from Super T&T.

dailyblog-july12013-10 dailyblog-july12013-11

Of course, Hazel proposed an amazing trade right after. Yeah, no.

dailyblog-july12013-12 dailyblog-july12013-13

A bit later I had some friends over to share our K.K. music between each other. Oh and Connor bought a pile of red hammers from the island, so we had some fun with those!


Crazy Redd was in town today, and I handed over some Bells for probably yet another fake painting. Yay!

dailyblog-july12013-15 dailyblog-july12013-16


Speaking of Crazy Redd, I did actually manage to obtain a real painting last week, so I can finally build the Museum Shop on the second floor. Now that my lighthouse is complete, I’m going straight for the Museum!


At Club LOL, I got a new emotion from Dr. Shrunk. He joined me with it in the screenshot above.

dailyblog-july12013-18 dailyblog-july12013-19

After dumping a ton of Bells on Turnips yesterday, I dumped even more Bells into paying off my loan! I’m almost broke again. 🙁


I’ve been getting a lot of StreetPasses lately, so I checked out some of the homes in my HH Showcase. The Astro Lamp caught my attention and I ordered one.


To end the evening, I checked out Lee’s village for some signatures on Bonbon’s petition. I got the red hammer welcoming too from Lee.

dailyblog-july12013-22 dailyblog-july12013-23 dailyblog-july12013-24 dailyblog-july12013-25 dailyblog-july12013-26

And that just about covers today! Check back soon for more.


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Don’t forget to tell people about the Palm Tree Lamp!
And uhm..Shampoodle. Or something!


Hey, you know there’s a way to tell if the paintings and sculptures are fake, right? 🙂

Mike Honcho

Justin’s been running this site for a good long time, I would think anyone who’s provided us with in depth info for the game for months before it was released, and spends a decent bit of time immersed into info of the game.

I’d wager he does indeed know, and chooses not to for the integrity.



1-up Dude

Ah,there’s finally a way to know if its counterfeit or not (unlike in Wild World).

But, you know,I only really cared about getting a painting to have the 2nd floor. Getting all of those statues and paintings would take forever.

As much as I would love to finish all exhibits,I’ll probably only finish the fossil exhibit.

Christopher F.

Yeah, but I know that I for sure used it the first (and so far only) time Redd came to town, as getting a real one into the museum was the only thing locking me out of the second story and the cafe.

I’d rather get useful things unlocked in a timely manner than relying on a 25% chance per week (I played WoW, let me tell you that a 25% drop rate on a raid item you really want can lead lead to MONTHS of farming when the RNG gods decide that they hate you).


every time red comes to town there are 4 paintings/sculptures you will have 3 that are fake and 1 that is real, if there are more than 1 real it means there are no fakes available. In this game it is easy to distinguish the fakes