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Today is going to be a rather short entry, but here we go! I always check my bulletin board as one of the first things I do but there wasn’t much today. Just a reminder that I started the Museum Shop project.


You guys saw my Lighthouse ceremony yesterday, but for a better view I had a look today. It looks quite nice with the clear sky out!


I paid my house loan off yesterday, but I forgot to talk to Tom Nook to actually upgrade my house! Oops. So here we are today.


Before I put in my renovation order with Nook, I asked Lyle for my HHA score. I’ve passed 110,000 now and it just keeps getting better!

july22013-dailyblog-5 july22013-dailyblog-6 july22013-dailyblog-7

Anyway, I’ve opted to expand my left room, the tiny room with all of the Modern Wood series furniture that I showed you guys recently. With the expansion, it can become a proper room.


Next, I visited the Museum to donate a couple things. Blathers let me know that I completed the Megacerops fossils!


Annnnd on a more disappointing note, the painting from yesterday was 300% fake! Since it’s been coming up in the comments, I appreciate the help from you guys but I am intentionally choosing not to use a fake art guide. Thanks though. 🙂


Over at Re-Tail, I asked Cyrus to customize the Astro Lamp that I recently purchased from the HH Showcase.

july22013-dailyblog-11 july22013-dailyblog-12 july22013-dailyblog-13july22013-dailyblog-14 july22013-dailyblog-15

Opal asked me if she should move away, but I told her that she should remain in Waikiki. Well, at least until I can get her picture!!!


After forgetting the previous day, I remembered to buy some more medicine for Kitt today.

july22013-dailyblog-17 july22013-dailyblog-18

I’m hoping that after she gets better, I might get her picture! A man can dream at least.


Finally, here’s a look at the remade Astro Lamp that I put an order in for earlier. It’s going in my house now!

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