Piles of Badges & Silver Net – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 30)

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Woah there Roscoe, who said you could go to other towns? You’re locked up in Waikiki and you stay in Waikiki.


Anyway, I’ll definitely keep it in consideration. I mean, I don’t have any streetlights yet so I might want to build one soon.


I spotted Phineas in town a bit later, which I’ve been waiting quite a while for. He hasn’t showed up for at least a week or two! Check out of all the badges I got below:

dailyblog-july52013-4 dailyblog-july52013-5 dailyblog-july52013-6 dailyblog-july52013-7 dailyblog-july52013-8 dailyblog-july52013-9 dailyblog-july52013-10

Holy crap… 7 badges! Not too bad! Although that was backlogged from the last week or two as I said before.

dailyblog-july52013-11 dailyblog-july52013-12

At T&T Mart, Beau informed me of some very heartbreaking news. What kind of ghetto supermarket is this place?

dailyblog-july52013-13 dailyblog-july52013-14 dailyblog-july52013-15 dailyblog-july52013-16

I picked up some more Triple Bananas and a Block from my Fortune Cookies today. The Block is nice since it works as a handy table, but I think I could live without more bananas…


I picked up some new items from T&T Mart to try out Cyrus’s abilities. Here’s the first. It’s a slide puzzle with numbers made into a star puzzle!

dailyblog-july52013-18 dailyblog-july52013-19

My villagers have been name dropping the names of some of my Dream Suite visitors… are either of you reading this?!? Let me know in the comments if one of these are you!


Here’s the completed Star slide puzzle. It’s certainly better than the original.


And here’s my second customization attempt! Sand color… what could it be?

dailyblog-july52013-22 dailyblog-july52013-23 dailyblog-july52013-24

At my Museum Shop, Celeste was selling a Silver Net which I just had to buy. It’s sold in celebration of reaching 30 donated bugs.


If you guessed an hourglass… you were correct! Not sure if I’m going to keep this one or try another color.

dailyblog-july52013-26 dailyblog-july52013-27

Finally, Connor came over to bash Hazel’s head in with his Red Hammer but she was hiding away in her little house again. So he beat up her house from the outside instead!

Also, today’s entry was my 30th day with Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Neat.

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