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Another day, another badge from Phineas! He’s been showing up a lot more lately in comparison to the week or two of him not showing up at all. Anyway, let’s see what Phineas has in store for me today…

dailyblog-july82013-2 dailyblog-july82013-3

Another StreetPass badge! This is the silver version, I’ve been doing a lot of StreetPassing!


I had a check in with Reese for my morning turnip price. Not such a great start to the week.

dailyblog-july82013-5 dailyblog-july82013-6

Roscoe is planning to move out soon it seems… and I accidentally said yes! Looks like I’ll be bugging him to stay all week now. 🙁


And then it was right back to Reese for checking the afternoon turnip price! Looks like I’m on the decreasing pattern… Guess I’ll have to rely on friends this week. Again.

dailyblog-july82013-8 dailyblog-july82013-9 dailyblog-july82013-10

Over at the Museum, Celeste was selling the Silver Fishing Rod, the last of the silver Museum items that I need. It celebrates the achievement of 30 sea creates donated to Waikiki. Shocking News: I bought it.

dailyblog-july82013-11 dailyblog-july82013-12 dailyblog-july82013-13 dailyblog-july82013-14

Another two repeats on the Fortune Cookie roulette. I think I’ve gotten most of them by this point?


I’m setting records here for remembering to talk to Shrunk for my daily emotion… I haven’t forgot for a couple days now!

dailyblog-july82013-16 dailyblog-july82013-17

Oooooh! I’m really liking this one. It will be getting plenty of use. 🙂

dailyblog-july82013-18 dailyblog-july82013-19

Hey look, one of my friends was shaking trees and left a furniture item on the grou- WAIT THAT’S A WALKING LEAF!


I paid off the remainder of the ~~~Mystery Public Work Project~~~. All will be revealed tomorrow! Maybe I’ll run a poll for deciding my next project.

dailyblog-july82013-21 dailyblog-july82013-22

Over at the Able Sister’s, Labelle was selling a crown for a cool 1 million Bells. I’ll probably buy it eventually for the sake of catalog completion, but not today. There are better things to spend my Bells on right now.

dailyblog-july82013-23 dailyblog-july82013-24

I checked in with Isabelle as to my current Perfect Town status. I wonder who left that second message… Sure seems familiar!


It looks like I need more trees in Waikiki, but that’s alright because I have quite a few Cedar and Mango trees growing at the moment. You guys will see them soon.


If I can remember, I try to update my dream every night. Here’s my Dream Code again if you haven’t visited Waikiki yet, or want a return visit: 4800-2169-9920

But wait, that’s not the only reason I’m at the Dream Suite! I’m here to go on a journey through all four Nintendo Villages to prepare an article on the site. Of course, by the time you read this, the article has most likely gone live already.

dailyblog-july82013-27 dailyblog-july82013-28 dailyblog-july82013-29 dailyblog-july82013-30 dailyblog-july82013-31


And there you have it! A somewhat lengthy post today, but without a whole lot of eventful activities. Check back tomorrow for the long-awaited unveiling of the mystery Public Work Project!

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