Starcrossed Day, Scorpion, and Silver Shovel – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 31)

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Summer is definitely here in Waikiki with my hibiscus bushes in full bloom! I think I might need to switch to Beautiful Village soon though… my flowers are dying!


The mango trees have also grown alongside this other hibiscus pathway I have, and there are more to come soon!


It’s Saturday in Waikiki and that means it’s time for a visit to Club LOL! Let’s check in.


After forcing a random song on me last week, K.K. Slider gave me free reign to request whatever I wished. I just had to ask for one of my favourite airchecks… Go K.K. Rider!

dailyblog-july62013-5 dailyblog-july62013-6

Thanks K.K! It’s going straight to my Astro CD Player!

dailyblog-july62013-7 dailyblog-july62013-8

Looks like I’m in for another exterior renovation tomorrow! I just had to order this brick exterior to get away from the default.


Some of my villagers got together to play a game of Hide & Seek with me. It’s usually pretty easy so I went for it.


Found Quillson!

dailyblog-july62013-11 dailyblog-july62013-12

Wow, real sneaky there Roscoe!


And finally, here’s Kitt behind Monty’s house. You can’t hide from me that easily!

dailyblog-july62013-14 dailyblog-july62013-15

Wow. A writing desk.


At the Museum, I donated my only new fossil today, completing the Pachysaurus!


Here’s a look at the album art for Go K.K. Rider. It’s pretty awesome seeing K.K. Slider riding a motorcycle!

dailyblog-july62013-18 dailyblog-july62013-19 dailyblog-july62013-20

Upstairs at the Museum, Celeste was selling a silver shovel to commemorate 15 fossils donated at the Waikiki Museum. Of course I bought it!

dailyblog-july62013-21 dailyblog-july62013-22

Just a bit later, I caught my very first Scorpion in New Leaf! So straight back to the Museum I went…


It was the Tanabata festival in Japan today, so I took a trip to Yamanon’s Blue Sky village to celebrate!

dailyblog-july62013-24 dailyblog-july62013-25 dailyblog-july62013-26 dailyblog-july62013-27 dailyblog-july62013-28 dailyblog-july62013-29

Isabelle referred to the day as Starcrossed Day on my English version of the game and handed me the Bamboo Grass item to celebrate.

dailyblog-july62013-30 dailyblog-july62013-31

There was also a cute face board nearby for the festival. I took a picture with Yamanon and Ruu.


Yamanon has a lot of Gold Roses!

dailyblog-july62013-33 dailyblog-july62013-34

Ruu educated me on the Fertilizer sold by Leif in T&T Emporium. I originally thought it was only for perfect fruit, but apparently it helps grow hybrid flowers too!


Yamanon’s Museum exhibits are quite the sight to see as well! He has a masterful complete gyroid collection across all of his Museum rooms.


Back at home in Waikiki, I updated my Dream data. Apparently 80 of you have visited Waikiki! That’s really awesome.


Hi Meg!


Finally, I noticed an X reappear where I planted a time capsule a few weeks back. I was curious so I dug it up from the ground.

dailyblog-july62013-39 dailyblog-july62013-40

Luckily, it says who it belongs to, or else I would have completely forgotten who to give it to. Lolly was happy to see I dug it up and rewarded me with a Gold Screen Wall. I might actually keep it!

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I’m Meg!! 🙂



Abigail Desire

thats cool

Ryan G of 'The Edge'

Lucky. I had my gate open for hours and even checked to see if my friend from Japan had her gate open, but it just wasn’t meant to be for starcrossed day…And I wanted so bad to show her my Triforce symbol stump. Well back to dream Waikiki to try and influence dream Hazel to think about moving to my town.

1-up Dude

I love the silver shovel.

Just today I discovered that when you hit a money rock with it,ores will come out!

So thats better than getting 4,000-8,000 from one each day.

(Also helps with getting gold furniture faster).


You can make a lot more than 8,000 from a money rock. 🙂 Dig holes behind you and mash A!


I’m so jealous of your scorpion! I saw one the other day and didn’t get my net out fast enough and it went into the pond 🙁 I haven’t seen one since!

Luke Slade

I had one sting me & I went back to the same place to catch it and it stung me again 🙁 my net skills are hopeless

Courtney Sartin

Lolly is so cute! I wish she lived in my town…