The Nintendo Villages for North America and Europe are now open!

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When Animal Crossing: New Leaf launched in Japan, Nintendo hosted an official Nintendo Village featuring Nintendo patterns and houses to visit using the Dream Suite feature. Now there are villages for North America and Europe, read on for details…

Today, Nintendo Villages were finally unleashed for North America and Europe as well. They follow the same general idea as the original Japanese village, but are still a unique town. To visit them, head to the Dream Suite and enter the following Dream Codes:

North America: 5700 – 2038 – 6151
Europe: 7900 – 2106 – 3477

nintendo-village-dream-northamerica nintendo-village-dream-europe

Additionally, here are the Dream Codes for the Japanese and South Korean Nintendo villages. The Japanese village is still in winter season, so it’s a neat opportunity to see the snow early in New Leaf!

Japan: 0000 – 0100 – 0017
South Korea: 0000 – 1066 – 6865


Have fun exploring! The villages aren’t region locked in any way, so you can visit all four of them if you wish. (they’re all different too)

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