Check out this seemingly hacked Animal Crossing: New Leaf town (Dream Address included)

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A very odd town has been making the rounds on the internet lately. Pictured above, is one of the many oddities in this seemingly hacked Animal Crossing: New Leaf town. Keep reading for more pictures and details:

Throughout the town are many odd things that are simply not normally possible in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, including the following:

  • Public Work Projects built in the river and ocean
  • Public Work Projects built on the concrete near the Train Station and Town Plaza
  • Public Work Projects overlapping each other
  • Flowers planted on the¬†concrete near the Train Station and Town Plaza
  • Flowers planted in the river
  • A fence built on the train tracks allowing you to walk onto the tracks without anything else (normally achievable with the Tweeter glitch)


It brings up the question though as to how this town was possible. Has someone created an actual hack using an external device? Or are these simply exploited glitches that nobody else has found yet? It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future, and if it is publicised.

If the Public Work Projects can be built on the concrete and in the river, theoretically the normal restrictions on placement have been broken. This could be useful to many, even if just to get around the annoying restrictions on normal land, such as building a bridge closer to a house.


Below are some more screenshots from my visit to the town. If you’d like to take a tour yourself, the Dream Address/Code is¬†3000-0845-9227. Have fun! Feel free to share your experiences with this town in the comments below.

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