Pikmin 3 themed house crash lands in European HH Showcase via SpotPass

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Nintendo of Europe have distributed a Pikmin 3 themed house in the HH Showcase through SpotPass, hereby finally ending the drought of HH Showcase SpotPass content in Europe. Inside the house, you’ll find a variety of rooms themed to the Pikmin franchise…

The main room features many pieces of the Sc-Fi set, while the additional rooms are each dedicated to the five main Pikmin types in Pikmin 3: Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Rock!


Kudos to Nintendo of Europe on this house, it’s a very clever way of promoting the game while also providing some fun content in Animal Crossing. At the moment, this house remains a European exclusive. It’s possible though that we might see it come to North America tomorrow to celebrate the launch of Pikmin 3 stateside.

Special thanks to Ebony from TBT for providing these images, as I lack a European 3DS.

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