Pikmin 3 themed house crash lands in European HH Showcase via SpotPass

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Nintendo of Europe have distributed a Pikmin 3 themed house in the HH Showcase through SpotPass, hereby finally ending the drought of HH Showcase SpotPass content in Europe. Inside the house, you’ll find a variety of rooms themed to the Pikmin franchise…

The main room features many pieces of the Sc-Fi set, while the additional rooms are each dedicated to the five main Pikmin types in Pikmin 3: Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Rock!


Kudos to Nintendo of Europe on this house, it’s a very clever way of promoting the game while also providing some fun content in Animal Crossing. At the moment, this house remains a European exclusive. It’s possible though that we might see it come to North America tomorrow to celebrate the launch of Pikmin 3 stateside.

Special thanks to Ebony from TBT for providing these images, as I lack a European 3DS.

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Ryan G of 'The Edge'

Hopefully this house comes state side. It was fun getting to demo the Pikmin 3 coop high score mode at Comic Con. After seeing the 3 pairs in front of us play with the new pink flying Pikmin my brother & I chose to check out the rock Pikmin level. Breaking the crystals was fun, but I think we were the only pair using the handheld part of the Wii U which had the areas map on it.:)…Now I just need to get myself a Wii U 🙁


Yup, do not forget to “lock” it (put in your favourites) if you can, because there is more than just 5 items to order ^^;

Ben Sylvia

No love for Purple and White.

I wish they’d make hats for the other 4 colors of Pikmin.

Edit: YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE THE STAINED GLASS WINDOW???? Now I have to order a new one.

Ryan G of 'The Edge'

Take it you’ve never visited lost of towns through the Dream Suite. First town I went to, 5600-2168-3314, had 2 stain glass windows with some of their designs on them.

Ben Sylvia

Haven’t visited any actually lol.

First time I tried it said something about the parental restrictions blocking the feature (which is weird since I distinctly remember not setting any when I got my 3DS) and never felt like going into the settings to change it.

God I’m lazy. XD

Ryan G of 'The Edge'

I know, same thing with me. That means the ‘let her decide’ option is messed up. try again with entering an address or looking up by town or player name.

[…] And that was really it for today. I really hope The US gets the Pikmin house Spotpass too though! […]


Yay!Congrats to everyone “across the pond” who got this,you guys who have been patiently awaiting this definitely deserve it 🙂


Are you freakon kidding me? Australians didn’t get it!!

Mike Honcho

Woah, it’s almost like Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo o Australia are to different Nintendo entities that serve two different regions. Mind boggling.

Caleb Goldwaser

i got it and im in australia


I got it and I am in australia


The version America got is the worst hha spotpass so far! Theres only 3 rooms with nothing to order


That’s true, I wish we got the European version,but we got plenty of other spotpass houses that no one else got!….I reeeallly want those sci-fi pieces though :/


Congrats to Europe! I know a lot of European players have been annoyed about having not a single SpotPass house.

Ben Sylvia

I think I got something similar to this today. Only had one streetpass but had 2 houses. 2nd person had the red pikmin hat on. House only had 2 rooms. First floor had a bunch of Pikmin planters, the little shelf with the Gamecube (customized so it can;t be ordered) and a whole MESS LOAD of plants and flowers. 2nd floor seems to be Donkey Kong themed with a jungle floor, bamboo wall, banana stacks on the sides of the room, iron beams, and a Gold Clock (which is kinda jerkish since we can’t order it) If it was a… Read more »


My son deleted this from the showcase (he is only 3)is there any way to get it back?


That’s awesome! It’s good to hear that Europe finally has this. They have been really patient!^^
@BlooShroom Yes, I totally agree! Europe deserves this for waiting so long. I hope the house was worth the wait!


Australia got it too