Animal Crossing amiibo figures leaked ahead of E3 including Isabelle and Tom Nook

7 years ago 2 Comments

Hold on there! What’s this? An intriguing image was spotted on Nintendo of Europe’s servers today revealing the existence of four Animal Crossing amiibo figures just ahead of Tuesday’s Nintendo Digital Event at E3 2015.

We can see confirmation of at least amiibo figures for Tom Nook, Isabelle, Mabel, and K.K. Slider from the image, but there could be more to be seen this week when they are officially announced. It seems that these will act as a supplement to the previously announced amiibo cards as they remain pictured next to them in the image.

It’s worth pondering whether these amiibo may be linked to an Animal Crossing for Wii U announcement this week as well. They could easily just be another option for Happy Home Designer too, it’s really anyone’s guess. Either way, we should know the answer in just over 24 hours at the Nintendo Digital Event.

Catch the full leaked image below; there’s a rather unique looking Pixel Mario amiibo to be spotted, presumably for Super Mario Maker and the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary!


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