Isabelle Mii Gunner Costume + Hat joins the battle in Super Smash Bros. DLC today!

The latest round of Super Smash Bros. downloadable content is hitting the Nintendo eShop today, including an Isabelle Mii Gunner costume and hat. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot Mario with a party popper gun while wearing a dog’s costume, today just might be your lucky day.

You can pick up the Isabelle Gunner costume alongside the hat from the Nintendo eShop for 75 cents (£0.69) for one platform, or $1 (£1.09) for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Keep in mind that the costume is only usable by the Mii Gunner, while the headgear can be used by all Mii Fighters.

A bundle is also available featuring most of the new content released today including Ryu/Lucas/Roy, Suzaku Castle/Dream Land 64, and all of the new Mii costumes. You can catch all of the details on the DLC released today by heading to the official Smash website.

We’ve got the rest of the screenshots released today for the Isabelle costume on Wii U, check them out below:

WiiU_SSB_screens_061415_MiiCostumes_Isabella_05 WiiU_SSB_screens_061415_MiiCostumes_Isabella_06 WiiU_SSB_screens_061415_MiiCostumes_Isabella_07 WiiU_SSB_screens_061415_MiiCostumes_Isabella_08 WiiU_SSB_screens_061415_MiiCostumes_Isabella_09 WiiU_SSB_screens_061415_MiiCostumes_Isabella_10 WiiU_SSB_screens_061415_MiiCostumes_Isabella_11 WiiU_SSB_screens_061415_MiiCostumes_Isabella_12

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