The Villager Smash amiibo is compatible with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer; possible Gamecube throwback

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It looks as if the Villager Smash amiibo is compatible with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer as an unadvertised surprise, and a possible Gamecube reference.

Tapping your Villager amiibo figure from the Super Smash Bros. line when using the amiibo phone in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer actually happens to unlock a Villager statue! You can then place the Villager statue in-game as furniture to decorate your homes, and presumably front yards.



There aren’t reports of any other amiibo figures working so far, but is it possible that perhaps the upcoming Animal Crossing amiibo figures from Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival will work for a similar functionality? It certainly sounds like a possibility, but we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

I’ve got a little theory on the origins of this statue as well. It might very well be a homage to the original Animal Crossing game back on the Nintendo Gamecube which had a statue of the player unlockable! After paying off your entire house mortgage from Tom Nook, you were rewarded by a gold (or bronze/silver/green) statue constructed of yourself near the Train Station.


There’s definitely a strong resemblance to be seen between the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer statue and the statues in the image above from Animal Crossing on the Gamecube, so perhaps it is a bit of a clever throwback by the developers. I hope so at least!

Thanks to macaron-designer for discovering this hidden gem in  Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer! Let us know in the comments below if you’ve managed to get ahold of a Villager Smash amiibo yet!

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