Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer sells over 500,000 retail copies + 300,000 amiibo card packs in first five days

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Can you hear that sound? That might be the sound of Nintendo printing money right now… and hopefully more amiibo cards as well. Media Create has released initial sales numbers for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and the associated Animal Crossing amiibo Cards.

For the first five days that Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer was on sale, Japanese sales tracker Media Create is reporting 522,556 retail copies were sold of the game. Of course, that doesn’t include the likely tens of thousands of digital copies sold on the Nintendo eShop directly.

These are pretty impressive numbers coming from a spin-off game which likely didn’t take a massive budget or resources to create. If anything, a very loud message has been sent to Nintendo: Make more Animal Crossing games, spin-offs or not!


This is a classic GIF from our archives used in New Leaf sales articles, edited for Happy Home Designer. RIP Satoru Iwata 🙁

For comparison, the previous Animal Crossing: New Leaf managed to sell 603,064 copies in the first week of Media Create numbers back in November 2012, although the game did sell out.

That was a long awaited main entry in the series after three long years of anticipation during development, while Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a spin-off with only 4 months between announcement and release, making the sales numbers for Happy Home Designer even more impressive.

Furthermore, Media Create reports that 312,000 packs of the associated Animal Crossing amiibo Cards have been sold in the same period. It should be noted, as Media Create has, that the Animal Crossing amiibo Cards packs have been widely sold out across the country at launch. The actual sales potential is likely far higher than how many packs were actually sold.


Given that only 312,000 packs were sold versus the 522,556 retail copies purchased, it’s safe to assume there wasn’t even close to enough Animal Crossing amiibo Cards packs produced to cover even just one pack per purchase of the game! Taking into account the dozens of packs that some players bought at launch, or wanted to buy, you can see quite easily how the stock situation got out of hand.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer launches in North America on September 25th, and in Europe on October 2nd. Pre-order now at Amazon or Gamestop in North America, or in Europe. Follow our release countdown here.

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