Exclusive limited edition Isabelle Amiibo Card available in a Japanese magazine

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Did you think collecting all of the Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards would already be hard enough with the random blind packs? Think again.

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine Character Parfait (or キャラぱふぇ) has been revealed to come packaged with an exclusive limited edition Isabelle Amiibo Card. Unlike the original card where she is looking directly forwards, this promotional card features a unique render of Isabelle in a different pose with her eyes closed looking to the side.

While it’s an incredibly minor difference, this is sure to add some extra annoyance to anyone planning to collect every single card. This is especially true if the promotional card is not released outside of Japan, forcing foreigners to not only collect a card which is limited and exclusive, but must be imported as well.


I’m a little worried if this is going to become a trend with the Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards, but I suppose it’s fairly normal for collector cards to do this. What are you thoughts on these types of promotional amiibo cards? Let us know in the comments below.

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