VIDEO: Watch us unbox Japanese Animal Crossing amiibo Cards!

8 years ago 4 Comments

Last week I made an incredibly irresponsible decision to import some packs of Japanese Animal Crossing amiibo Cards from Amazon.

What am I do with the 5 Japanese Animal Crossing amiibo Card packs that I ordered? Record a video opening them for Animal Crossing World of course! That’s how I justify my completely unnecessary purchases.

Watch the video below to listen to me name literally only one villager correctly and mistake a tiger for a lion… try not to cringe too hard:

You’d think after covering Animal Crossing on this website for over 3 years now that I would know all of the villagers off by heart… apparently not! I can’t say it’s really the part of the game that I pay much attention to honestly, no dreamies for me.

If you’d like to look into purchasing some of these Japanese Animal Crossing amiibo Cards yourself, check out Amazon, eBay, or Play-Asia.

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