Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer reviews are here with mixed opinions

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The review embargo for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer lifted this morning opening the floodgates to the first reviews for the game.

At the moment, we’re seeing some pretty mixed opinions on the game so far with scores ranging from 5/10 to 8/10, and the Metacritic score currently sitting at 68/100. While many of you may already have a pre-order down on the game, if you’re still on the fence it might be worth checking out what the critics have to say today.

Here’s a few quick links to some outlets with their reviews, intentionally chosen to represent a variety of scores:

Unfortunately, we only got our review copy in on Monday here at Animal Crossing World, so our review will be coming later while we work through the game. We might try getting up a “first impressions” pre-review sort of post on Friday for the release though. In the meantime, check out our NFC Bundle Unboxing and the First 15 Minutes of HHD videos!

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer launches in North America in less than one week from now on September 25th, and Europe on October 2nd! Check out our release date countdown here, or pre-order the game and accessories here.

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