The November 2015 Happy Home Challenge with Giant Robots and Resetti is now open in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

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We got a little preview last month, and now the latest challenge on the Happy Home Network in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is open for your enjoyment!

November 2015’s Happy Home Challenge is to create the home of a great battle between giants using brand new exclusive items of epic proportions. What kind of items? A giant robot and a giant inflatable Resetti of course!

What’s even better is that both items can be customized into different versions, with four different colours for the Robot Hero and two different expressions for the Inflatable Resetti! Get a peek at the items below in our video of the challenge:

If you want to get your hands on these new exclusive items, you’re definitely going to want to enter soon before the challenge closes to entries on November 16th! As far as we know, these items will only be available through this event, so don’t miss out

To enter the contest yourself, head to the Happy Home Network in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer by interacting with the red laptop on the desk in Nook’s Homes and select Challenge on the menu of the network. Then you’ll be able to enter the Happy Home Challenge yourself by creating a home for King Tom Nook!

Want to get your Happy Home Challenge entry featured on Animal Crossing World? We’re going to try out doing an article sometime next week showing off some of the challenge submissions by our readers, so send us a screenshot or Miiverse link of your challenge entry with the project number to [email protected] and we might just feature it!

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