The second wave of Animal Crossing amiibo figures are coming in January to North America and Europe

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Announced in the recent Nintendo Direct, the second wave of Animal Crossing amiibo figures are coming to North America and Europe early next year.

The four new figures in the second wave of Animal Crossing amiibo are Blathers, Celeste, Kicks, and Mr. Resetti. They’ll be launched on January 22nd in North America with the Series Two Animal Crossing amiibo cards releasing on the same day.

These figures were previously announced and are set to release on December 17th in Japan, so we’ll get a better look at the figures themselves next month.

Packaging and pricing details have not yet been announced at this time. If I had to guess, there might be a three-pack available with the two owls and either Kicks or Mr. Resetti, similarly to the three-pack released with the two alpacas and K.K. Slider.

We have high quality renders of all the second wave Animal Crossing amiibo below, click the image for the full sized version:

amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Blathers_01 amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Blathers_02 amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Celeste_01 amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Celeste_02 amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Kicks_01 amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Kicks_02 amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Resetti_01 amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Resetti_02

And here is the box art for them, just in case you were interested:

amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Blathers_03 amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Celeste_03 amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Kicks_03 amiibo_AnimalCrossing_Resetti_03

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