Nintendo Game Shop DLC with Claude in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer live for all regions + video tour

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The latest DLC for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is now available in every region through either a Nintendo Zone hotspot or SpotPass, depending on location.

In this new DLC, players can design a Nintendo Game Shop with returning Gamecube villager Claude using new Nintendo themed items in the game. These new items include game shelves, amiibo shelves, game demo stations, and system display models.

The system display models can even be customized with the remake feature to create different styles of the systems. In particular, the New Nintendo 3DS can be remade into a variety of real Animal Crossing face plates.

Check out our new video tour of the new items below or click here for pictures of all the new items:

The Nintendo Game Shop DLC with Claude is currently available through Nintendo Zone hotspots in North America, while in Europe and Japan it is simply distributed through SpotPass on any internet connection.


If you can’t access a Nintendo Zone hotspot, you can either use our guide on how to create a fake hotspot at your own home, or wait until later in the month when it may become available on SpotPass like other content in the past.

Let us know what you think of the new DLC in the comments below, and send us your own Nintendo Game Shop design to [email protected]. If we get enough submissions, we’ll post our favorites in an article later this month!

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