Animal Crossing amiibo cards Series Three coming to North America in March

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In today’s amiibo press release, Nintendo of America announced the release of the next series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards in March for North America.

Other than a vague March release window, we’re limited on release date details right now. While the same press release confirmed a March 18th release date for new amiibo figures, it doesn’t confirm the same date for the amiibo cards. Take a read yourself below:

On March 18, new amiibo figures in the Animal Crossing series will launch in stores, including characters like Timmy & Tommy, Kapp’n and Rover. Digby will also be made available as a stand-alone amiibo. The next series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards also launches in March, bringing the grand total of available amiibo cards to be used in games like Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival for Wii U and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS to a whopping 300. Let the collecting begin!

We have reached out to Nintendo for comment anyway, just in case the cards are actually releasing on March 18th. The third series of amiibo cards have been confirmed to launch on March 18th in North America.

Series Three contains another 100 new Animal Crossing amiibo cards, which you can find a complete list of at our Animal Crossing amiibo cards Series Three page here. New special character cards include Rover, Blathers, Wendell, Cyrus, Franklin, and Jingle.

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