How to get 80+ Crafting Materials or 10,000 Bells in Pocket Camp for free every week from My Nintendo

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Did I grab your attention there with that title? Don’t worry, this is no scam! Using the My Nintendo loyalty service you can get a bunch of free crafting materials or bells in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp every single week repeatedly.

First, make sure you’ve got a Nintendo Account created and linked to your Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game. You can register for an account either online here or inside of Pocket Camp by going to the More tab and tapping My Nintendo. Once your account is linked to the game, you can complete missions to earn My Nintendo Coins and redeem rewards for Pocket Camp.

Here’s how you can gain My Nintendo Pocket Camp or Platinum Coins through these repeatable missions every week:

  • Complete 10 camper requests (weekly); +30 Pocket Camp Coins
  • Complete 50 camper requests (weekly); +50 Pocket Camp Coins
  • Complete 100 camper requests (weekly); +100 Pocket Camp Coins
  • Collect the My Nintendo sign-in bonus (weekly); +30 Platinum Coins
  • Sign in to your Nintendo Account on the official Nintendo website (weekly); +30 Platinum Coins
  • Sign in to Nintendo eShop on a Wii U or Nintendo 3DS system (weekly); +30 Platinum Coins

We’ll do the math for you — that’s up to 270 coins each week if you complete them all. However, we know that not everyone may have a Wii U or 3DS to sign into each week, so the number we’re using for our calculations is only 240 coins. Completing that extra eShop mission though will get you up to 270 coins and a few extra materials.

Once you’ve got those missions completed every week, here are the relevant repeatable rewards you can redeem with My Nintendo Pocket Camp or Platinum Coins infinitely:

Working off the assumption of earning 240 Coins every week, you can redeem for up to 80 craft materials of your choice or up to 10,000 Bells in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. A mixture of both with some bells and some crafting materials is possible too. And if you can earn the full 270 coins each week, that will get you up to 100 craft materials.

As you can see, using My Nintendo‘s weekly missions alongside the repeatable rewards is an easy and free way to earn a nice top-up of crafting materials or bells every week! My Nintendo weekly missions reset every Monday at 12:00 a.m. in the time zone that your Nintendo Account is set to, mark that down on your calendar so you don’t miss out. You’d be foolish not to take advantage of the free loot.

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