Signs point to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp releasing worldwide on or near November 22nd

Animal Crossing fans in Australia have been happily enjoying Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for three weeks now, but the rest of the world has been left out of the dark when it comes to an official release. Now it looks like we’re heading towards a worldwide release on or near November 22nd.

First off, Nintendo has recently opened a web game spinoff called Animal Crossing: Friend Finder to promote the mobile game and it happens to end on November 22nd.

There’s also a promotional campaign happening on Android’s Google Play in Japan right now with daily video and wallpaper updates. The final update on the schedule for this campaign is on November 19th.

Finally, there’s a small clue found inside the actual Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game in regard to daily log-in bonuses. The previous two sets of daily log-in bonuses lasted for ten days each since the Australian launch, but the latest bonuses are for a set of only seven days ending on November 21st. Presumably, the reason for this would be timing the next set of log-in bonuses with the game’s worldwide release!

So we’re not sure exactly which date and time the worldwide launch will be, but we feel pretty safe here in assuming the release will be right around the November 22nd timeframe, perhaps slightly sooner depending on time zones.

Thanks for Perfectly Nintendo and Jake for spotting this.

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