Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp v1.1 released with new garden area, screenshot mode, other adjustments

Nintendo has released the first major update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with version 1.1 live today on the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play Store.

The tentpole addition in today’s version update is the introduction of the previously announced flower gardening feature! A new garden area can be found by walking to the very left of your campsite with 20 plots to fill up with flowers. You can cross-pollinate with other flowers to discover new flower seeds and help your friends by watering their soil when visiting another campsite.

Nintendo has made some changes to the rewards for talking to villagers in your campsite as well. Previously, speaking to every villager would typically award a very small amount of items, bells, or points. Now you can only talk to a small number of villagers at a time, but the rewards seem to be increased accordingly. It’s too early yet to say exactly how these changes will turn out though.

There’s also a new proper screenshot mode giving you greater control over the in-game camera for when you want to take screenshots to share on social media. Other adjustments to the game include a new menu under your inventory for reviewing your available tools (tickets, nets, and such), seeds, flowers, and creatures. A friend invite link function has been added too.

And finally, Nintendo will be throwing 20 free Leaf Tickets into your mailbox later tonight as a thank you gift for today’s server maintenance before the update. Enjoy!