Fishing Tourney #2 now open in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, plus Stitches’s Cookie and Modern Villagers

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The second fishing tournament event has begin in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp today, plus other new additions with a new fortune cookie and set of villagers arriving earlier in the week from Nintendo.

Following the first Fishing Tourney event back in March, a second one has now begun this weekend! Catch a fresh round of tourney fish in the ocean during every villager cycle, return your findings to Chip, and collect prizes for reaching various combined size milestones.

Here are the unique prizes you can fetch during Fishing Tourney #2, check them out in the banner image above:

  • large rocky seafloor
  • pearl chair
  • coral table
  • puffer-fish hat
  • sea-butterfly tank
  • puffer-fish tank
  • zebra-moray tank

You can also catch up on missing essence during this event with all nine types of essence available as prizes in-between the main unique prizes. And don’t forget to complete the Chip Challenge timed goals to earn duplicates of some prizes, either for decorating your campsite or trading fodder to Gulliver.

There’s also a Golden Fishing Rod available to rent with Leaf Tickets guaranteeing you double fish catches but if the last fishing tourney is any indication, you certainly don’t need to pay for it if you play a decent amount every day. Fishing Tourney #2 ends on Wednesday, May 23rd at 11pm Pacific Time.

Other new additions to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp last week include a new fortune cookie focused on Stitches featuring various new furniture and clothing with a central patchwork theme, just like Stitches himself! It’s available for 50 Leaf Tickets each, or 5000 Bells if you get lucky, for a period of 60 days until July 16th.

Here’s a list of the new items you’ll find inside Stitches’s Patch Cookie:

  • large patchwork bear
  • patchwork bear sofa
  • patchwork ghostlet sofa
  • patchwork bear rug
  • patchwork bear lamp
  • patchwork bear table
  • patchwork hammock
  • patchwork bear hood
  • patchwork shirt
  • patchwork pants

Finally, three new villagers were also recently made available to level up and invite to your campsite with Wolfgang, Poppy, and Naomi entering Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s villager roster. These villagers introduce the modern villager type with new modern essence and amenities accompanying them. They’re pretty cool looking amenities!

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Loved this fisting event! 🙂