Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about Animal Crossing for Switch at E3, here’s what he had to say

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently spoke with gaming website IGN in an interview at E3 last week where the topic of Animal Crossing and other missing franchises came up.

As you might expect when asked about the absence of popular Nintendo franchises like Animal Crossing and Pikmin, Reggie initially said exactly what you would expect from him — you’ll hear from Nintendo when they have something to announce.

He also emphasized something else Nintendo has been saying often lately, that they prefer to announce games when they’re near their actual release date rather than “teasing people for years on end”. Anyone who followed the development of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS over the years will be well familiar with that!

More specifically related to Animal Crossing, Reggie humorously admitted that he did “see a lot of internet memes with sad faces from the Animal Crossing group”. We sure saw our fair share of those reactions during E3 on social media last week!

The Nintendo of America president also spoke about the success of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp released on mobile devices last year and how that might play into the next Animal Crossing game. Here’s the full quote on that:

We see tremendous opportunity in using the mobile platform to introduce IP to consumers who may not be as familiar. Animal Crossing is a great example. Tremendous interaction with Pocket Camp, fans are really enjoying that experience. We’re introducing it to new consumers. That bodes well for whenever the next Animal Crossing might come.

Don’t worry Reggie, we’re ready for when that day comes! Read the full original interview from IGN at the source here. And as always, stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for any and all future developments on Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch.

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