Fishing Tourney #4 with Chip starts now in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Another fishing tournament is happening starting today through the end of the weekend in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp bringing new underwater themed furniture!

Taking a return back to the first events, Fishing Tourney #4 comes back to the ocean at Saltwater Shore’s beach. Through each day of the event, use your fishing rod to catch a fresh batch of tourney fish at the ocean, return your winnings to Chip, and enjoy fun rewards for reaching milestone goals throughout the event!

Check out a list of the exclusive event prizes you can grab during Fishing Tourney #4, as seen in the banner above:

  • Pop-Up Garden Eels
  • Coral Fence
  • Seafloor Globe Light
  • Pearl-Oyster Bed
  • Fishing Tourney Banner
  • Black-Clown-Fish Tank
  • A. Surgeonfish Tank
  • Spotted-Knifejaw Tank

Like all other fishing tournaments, you can pick up lots of extra essences you still need in-between the main prizes. Forty free Leaf Tickets and some villager treats are up for grab too through the Chip Challenges!

For a closer look at this event, check out our complete Fishing Tourney #4 guide for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with everything you need to know! It ends on Sunday, June 29th at 11PM Pacific Time.

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