Higher friendship levels, item sorting options, and faster conversations in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp v1.6.0

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has received a fresh new game update to version 1.6.0 bringing a new friendship level cap, improvements to sorting items, and sped up conversations.

In terms of actual gameplay, the biggest change in this update is the increment of friendship level caps with the villagers at your campsite. Previously capped out at 20, villagers can now reach a maximum level cap of 25! Reaching that momentous milestone seems to be lacking in rewards a bit though — just one sparkle stone item for your efforts. Hopefully these items will become more useful in the future.

We’re big fans of new sorting options implemented for furniture, clothing, and villagers — it was getting pretty chaotic in the item lists. Now you can sort furniture by the item series, theme, or even the number of duplicates you own. This will make donating spare items to Gulliver far less of a nightmare. Villagers get sorting by friendship level as well.

Impatient players like myself will also be pleased with new features added to help speed up some conversations and menu animations. Just hold down the screen to quickly skip through villager conversations without furiously tapping the screen!

Finally, we have a peek at some upcoming content hidden inside the game files with a new Fortune Cookie from Roald featuring summer beach items and a fresh gardening event with Kapp’n to grow sunflowers! These events will begin in just a few days and we’ll cover them later when they arrive.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp version 1.6.0 is available to download now in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store right now.

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