New Nintendo 2DS XL Animal Crossing Edition bundle arrives in Europe and Japan next month (UPDATED)

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Nintendo has revealed a new Animal Crossing system bundle releasing in both Europe and Japan featuring a unique console design for the New Nintendo 2DS XL. (article updated on July 2nd, 2018 with new information)

This special Animal Crossing Edition of the New Nintendo 2DS XL features a pleasant mint-green design with the iconic Animal Crossing leaf logo at the center, among other tree and house icons on the top of the system surrounding the logo. It is bordered by a lined stitched design and a faint background of the trademark triangle Animal Crossing grass pattern.

As for the interior of the handheld, the entire main body of the system aside from the top is getting a nice smooth cream color, instead of the standard plain white tone that we’ve come to expect from previous Animal Crossing console designs. We think that makes for an awesome unique touch to the handheld and it goes great with the mint-green design. Even the area surrounding the screen is getting that coat of paint!

In addition to the cream color taking over the inside of the system, there’s a mint-green finish on the main ABXY and D-Pad face buttons inside the clam-shell, plus the shoulder buttons on the back. It compliments really nicely with the rest of the system!

For those not already familiar, the New Nintendo 2DS XL packs in all of the features of the New Nintendo 3DS XL released a few years ago, but with the removal of the 3D screen feature bringing a lower price point. Since this is being promoted as a hardware bundle, the Animal Crossing Edition system also comes pre-installed with a free copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, although we suspect readers of this article may already own a copy. (or three)

The New Nintendo 2DS XL Animal Crossing Edition releases on July 19th in Japan and July 20th in Europe / Australia. No information has been announced yet for any possible release of the console in North America. We wouldn’t suggest keeping your fingers crossed though — these special design systems are released quite often overseas with no release by Nintendo of America.

Looking to purchase this beautiful new system? You can find this Animal Crossing edition console at the following online stores, sometimes for overseas import:

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