[Part 2 Live!] Fetch grape furniture with Brewster’s Sweet Harvest gardening event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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A new month, a new gardening event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, right? Brewster has come to campsites everywhere this week to share his sweet fall harvest of grapes!

In this autumn grape themed event, campers can plant a variety of Berrypetal flowers in their garden to attract special Bumbledrop bee-like creatures. Catch these rare Bumbledrop creatures to complete tasks for Brewster during the event earning you plenty of grape vineyard themed furniture and clothing!

Here’s what you can collect as prizes during Brewster’s Sweet Harvest, with some items pictured in the banner above:

  • Barrel of Grapes
  • Grape Juice
  • Purple Vineyard Stool
  • Red Vineyard Stool
  • Purple Vineyard Table
  • Red Vineyard Table
  • Green Vineyard Table
  • Vineyard Phonograph
  • Vineyard Counter
  • Ripe Vineyard Trellis
  • Green Vineyard Trellis
  • Vineyard Beret
  • Purple Vineyard Vest
  • Red Vineyard Vest
  • Brewster’s Uniform
  • Potted Green Berrypetals
  • Potted Blue Berrypetals
  • Potted Red Berrypetals

UPDATE 09/04: The second part of the event has begun and all of the items above are now available!

A few changes have been made to Brewster’s Sweet Harvest in contrast to previous gardening events that Pocket Camp hosted. Namely, an additional set of hard tasks have been added after a player completes all of the previous Part 1 and 2 tasks. The rewards for these are only re-colors of already earned items, but it’s going to be quite the challenge to collect them in time.

The spawn rates of creatures on flowers have been reduced too, while increasing the catch success chance! This change makes helping your friends out by sharing garden creatures far more important than ever before. While creatures only spawn on flowers once, the catch rate may be applied multiple times as you trade Bumbledrops back and forth. So be sure to share plenty with your friends to complete the event!

As always, there’s another one hundred or so free Leaf Tickets ready to be collected during this event through Event Goals and Tasks! We highly recommend participating for those alone, even if you don’t fancy the items that much. It’s enough for two fortune cookies!

For a closer look at the event including all rewards and tasks, check out our complete Brewster’s Sweet Harvest gardening guide for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with everything you need to know! It ends on Monday, September 10th at 11PM Pacific Time.

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