[Rescheduled] Nintendo Direct returns Thursday at 3PM Pacific Time with upcoming Switch and 3DS games

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The latest of Nintendo’s periodic news presentations is making its return at last in just over 24 hours from now this Thursday afternoon, September 13th!

UPDATE 09/12: The Direct has been rescheduled for September 13th after a delay last week due to a powerful earthquake that hit Japan.

As always, the specific details on this Nintendo Direct are fairly light, but what we do know is that it will cover both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS games, and be about 35 minutes long.

What’s notable about that information though is that often Nintendo offers a qualification such as “titles launching in 2018” or other detail to imply there won’t be previews of unannounced distant games. For example, the company did just that a few months ago for the E3 2018 presentation.

So the obvious question for this website, will we see Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch at this Nintendo Direct? Odds still aren’t likely as we have no credible reason to believe there will be an announcement. But the possibility is always there, and honestly it’s more likely than it was back at E3 this year with the ‘2018 games only’ qualification out of the picture.

What we do expect to see with certainty is information on the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service set to launch later in September, as well as the big games hitting this holiday like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokemon Let’s Go, and Super Mario Party.

You can catch the show beginning on Thursday, September 13th at 3PM Pacific Time / 6PM Eastern Time over at Nintendo.com or the company’s YouTube and Twitch channels. Of course, we’ll be right here with any and all possible Animal Crossing updates later!

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