Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s first anniversary brings 150 free Leaf Tickets in November

It’s been just about a year since Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp first launched last year and Nintendo is ready to celebrate with a giveaway of 150 free Leaf Tickets next month!

To pick up those 150 free Leaf Tickets, you’ll need to make sure you login to Pocket Camp every single day for the first half of November. The special First Anniversary Log-In Bonuses begin on November 1st rewarding 10 Leaf Tickets each day until November 15th.

If you happen to miss a day by chance, there’s no getting the ten tickets for that day but you can continue to collect more for remaining days until the bonuses end after November 15th. Try and grab all of the free tickets though — it’s a value of around $6 USD.

We don’t think this is everything Nintendo has planned for the anniversary either — a teaser was released the other day on Twitter showing a preview of what is likely a new celebratory event with anniversary furniture and other items! Check it out above.

Thanks to the special Leaf Ticket Log-in Bonuses announced beginning November 1st, it’s a pretty safe guess we’ll see the new anniversary event begin at the same time too. Stay tuned for more details.

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