Autumn season begins in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with Goldie’s Library Cookie and new deck terrain

The fall season has arrived in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp today so we’re getting a fresh new fortune cookie and deck terrain to celebrate!

Goldie’s Library Cookie is a new premium fortune cookie filled with a mixture of autumn fitting trees and pathways, plus everything you need to make your very own mini library at your campsite. Despite this cookie’s name though, the fall themed items are the real gem in our opinion! Take a look at all the items in the banner above, including the included clothing set.

As for this cookie’s ultra-rare spotlight item, Goldie has brought an entire library on wheels in the form of an RV! Not too impressive honestly but maybe that’s a good thing if luck isn’t on your side. Check it out below:

There’s also a new terrain option for your campsite available today matching both the autumn season and cookie with the ‘autumnal brown deck’ option. Notably, it doesn’t count any Leaf Tickets — just 200 wood materials, which is practically free!! It’s nothing too special, but if you want to spice up your campsite a little with a fancier wood deck than the previous options, you might as well give it a try for the price.

Like other premium fortune cookies in Pocket Camp, you can pick up this one for 50 Leaf Tickets each or 250 Leaf Tickets for a box of five cookies with a free extra stamp. (stamps may be traded for past cookie releases) Here’s a full list of the 7 furniture and 3 clothing found in Goldie’s Library Cookie:

  • library on wheels
  • second-hand books
  • slightly used goods
  • collectibles for sale
  • ginkgo tree
  • red-brick path
  • books with fallen leaves
  • long autumnal skirt
  • autumnal cardigan
  • autumnal glasses

This delightful library and fall themed cookie is for sale starting today until January 14th with plenty of time available to pick up these items with free cookies if you’ve got some decent luck on you. Which items are you hoping to get from this cookie? We’re definitely after those trees and pathways!

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