Pokémon comes to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in the Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt

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Following up on the Splatoon takeover in September, a new Nintendo series is crossing over into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp today with a new scavenger hunt event.

In the Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt, it’s time to collect Poké Ball items hiding all around the Pocket Camp map, just like the previous Gyroidite scavenger events. Sometimes they’re hiding on trees, other times you can find them just sitting in plain sight! Either way, find them and collect them to craft prizes.

For this crossover event with Pokemon, the prizes are a mix of Eevee and Poké Ball themed furniture, and a couple clothes. For the big Eevee fans out there, we’ve got a massive stuffed Eevee furniture item and a complete costume. And if that’s not your thing, there’s a giant Poké Ball rug!

Get the full list of event items available during Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt for either Poké Balls or Leaf Tickets:

  • Eevee Rug
  • Eevee Table
  • Giant Stuffed Eevee
  • Poké Ball
  • Poké Ball Chair
  • Poké Ball Rug
  • Eevee Costume
  • Eevee Tee

Just like other recent scavenger events, the Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt also features 40 sweet free Leaf Tickets up for grabs through the Event Goals. It’s almost enough for a free Fortune Cookie! Plus, for a limited time, you can find an Eevee Hat for free in your mailbox.

Check out our complete event guide to Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp over here for details on how to find Poké Ball and craft the items. The event has already begun and will run through until October 22nd at 11PM Pacific Time. Try your best to find as many Poké Balls as you can before it ends!

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