New Cabin location, holiday cookie, and improved friends list in Pocket Camp version 2.0

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The highly anticipated version 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp bringing a new location, cookie, and other improvements to the game is here!

By far the most exciting new addition to Pocket Camp in this update is the brand new Cabin location on the map. This is the first new location added to Pocket Camp’s map and brings you a cute new cabin to decorate beyond your campsite! And of course since it’s a cabin, you can finally use wallpaper and carpet for something besides the forgotten camper.

Even if we can’t expand our campsite any further, this will make for a nice substitute for that giving more room to use the endless new furniture being added to the game. Just like the campsite, you can invite villagers to your cabin! Your friends can check it out too. Note that you’ll need to be at least Level 15 to unlock the cabin.

It’s almost December, so the beginnings of Pocket Camp’s holiday activities are showing up with the release of a new cookie today too. Fauna’s Toy Day Cookie brings winter sleds, reindeer, trees, and of course plenty of presents to your campsite! (not to mention cosy winter clothing)

As for the spotlight item in this cookie, it’s the snowy Toy Day sleigh, as seen below! Unlike most other cookies, Fauna’s Toy Day Cookie will only be available for about a month.┬áPick one up for 50 Leaf Tickets beginning today through December 25th.

The friends list has gotten a great set of improvements as well with the Lend a Hand button for quarry helping being moved up to the main view, saving you an extra tap on each of your friends when you wish to help them out. You can also give kudos right from the friends list, share your favourite photo with everyone, and buy from a Market Box right in the menu!

Finally, a couple other small improvements:

  • A large increase to the collected items storage limit for free!
  • Up to four special characters from special furniture items can now appear at once! Previously this was limited to one, even if you had multiple items placed.
  • Some animations can now be skipped in their energy to speed things up with the new Ship checkbox!

What do you think of this new version 2.0 Pocket Camp update? We’re super excited about the Cabin and Fauna’s Toy Day cookie, and can’t wait to see what new holidays events are in store!

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