Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp generated $49 million in revenue in 2018, falls far short of Fire Emblem Heroes

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp closed out the past year bringing in about $49 million of revenue from its players, according to estimates from the mobile tracking company SensorTower.

In contrast, Nintendo’s other major mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes ended the year with over $230 million in spending through in-app purchases. And the company’s new title for 2018, Dragalia Lost, surpassed Pocket Camp too at $54 million despite only launching halfway through the year in a more limited set of countries.

While $49 million is certainly nothing to sneeze at, it’s not a particularly great showing for a game that would appear to have great potential on smartphones with a large casual audience. It’s not as if Nintendo hasn’t been trying either — it’s been hard for regular players not to notice the company digging a little harder lately to convert free-to-play users into paying customers.

Most notably on that front, Pocket Camp introduced controversial lootbox-type Fortune Cookies in March last year with new ones releasing every month. The rate of in-game events occurring and their difficulty has significantly increased too, plus the release of premium clothing selections semi-frequently in recent months.

It’s clear that if Nintendo wants Animal Crossing to be a major success in the mobile game market, they have plenty of work ahead of themselves. Hopefully Pocket Camp doesn’t end up going the way of Miitomo, the company’s first mobile app that shut down in early 2018 due to lackluster performance.

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Do the math though, this is outdoing its game counterpart. Think about 20 bucks a copy now for New Leaf, which will fail to sell 1 million this fiscal year (only Pokemon will reach it realistically), even with the bump in sales with the limited edition second New Leaf 3DS- rather 2DS XL, meaning it’ll gross for the fiscal year less than $20 million. The app on the other hand just did for the year did just under $50 million. The whole point of these apps were to generate sales on their console counterparts. Now that Pocket Camp is falling… Read more »


I enjoy the open-world aspect of this franchise and it just doesn’t work well with Pocket Camp for me.