This 87-year old grandma with 3,500 hours in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is inspiring

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We like to say that Animal Crossing is a video game that truly appeals to all ages and there’s no better example of that than an 87-year old grandma clocking in over 3500 hours in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

This grandma first went viral on Twitter early this month with a tweet of her Nintendo 3DS Activity Log by her grandson Paul showing off the 3,500+ hours played. Now, Paul is back again with the receipts uploading a lengthy video tour of his grandma’s Animal Crossing town with commentary.

Check out the video tour yourself below, it doesn’t get much more wholesome than this:

It’s kind of nice seeing someone with so many hours in on New Leaf enjoying the game so carelessly! She doesn’t have every tile of her town carefully planned out with patterns or hybrid flowers everywhere. It’s become so common in the Animal Crossing community these days to associate a thousand hour playtime New Leaf town with being decorated and planned absolutely to perfection.

Oh and by the way, if you were hoping she’ll be making the leap to Animal Crossing Switch later this year, don’t worry — she’s already got one and is all ready to go thanks to contributions from many folks online!

If you’d like to visit her Animal Crossing: New Leaf town yourself, check out her dream town at the following Dream Address: 4E00-0126-6834

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