Next generation Pokémon games expected in tomorrow’s Pokémon Direct

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Nintendo has announced a surprise new Pokémon Direct presentation for tomorrow (Wednesday) morning with less than 24 hours notice!

While it’s not quite Animal Crossing for Switch, we know a lot of our readers are really excited for the upcoming Pokémon games as well and they’ll definitely want to keep a watch on this Direct. The presentation will be very short though at just 7 minutes in length promising ‘new information’.

We should note that Nintendo has not specifically announced what will be shown in this Nintendo Direct, but we believe it’s relatively safe to expect the next generation Pokemon games for Nintendo Switch given they are set to release later this year, just like Animal Crossing for Switch.

However, it is always possible something different and unexpected will be revealed instead of the next generation games though, so be ready for that too just in case.

You can catch the Pokémon Direct yourself at 6AM Pacific / 9AM Eastern Wednesday morning at and the official Nintendo YouTube channel here.

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