These custom Animal Crossing Joy-Cons for your Switch can help you wait for New Horizons

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The wait for Animal Crossing: New Horizons after E3 2019 has passed is going to be a long and tough one for some of us, but someone has just the right kind of fix… if you’ve got the budget for it!

A gorgeous custom made set of Animal Crossing themed Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch are recently available on Etsy by an incredibly talented controller painting seller known as XLTeam.

They’ve done an excellent job of imitating the ‘poptart’ theme of the special edition Animal Crossing 3DS XL released with Animal Crossing: New Leaf in 2013. In fact, these controllers even come equipped with a matching mint-green painted Joy-Con strap for each one.

Unfortunately, these don’t come cheap at all with a price tag of $180 for the pair! Given that they’re brand new Joy-Cons already sold for $80 from Nintendo, with a completely handmade paint job including buttons completed on them, it’s not entirely unreasonable though.

We actually previously featured the same seller’s work in our 2018 Animal Crossing Etsy Holiday Gift Guide in the form of a matching Animal Crossing themed Switch Pro Controller that’s equally as awesome, which you can check out here.

And just as a further look at what kind of designs we might be able to expect for an official custom Animal Crossing: New Horizons system or controllers from Nintendo, here’s a throwback to the previous three Animal Crossing hardware designs below:

If I had to guess, we’ll probably see a design closer to the most recent 2DS XL design shown directly above, rather than the scattered icons theme of past systems. But things could go in a completely different direction with some kind of island or beach theme too given the setting of New Horizons.

So if Nintendo releases an official set of Animal Crossing themed joy-cons for the release of New Horizons next year, what are you hoping to see? Would a ‘poptart’ design resembling these custom parts satisfy you, or should there be something completely new? Let us know in the comments below.

Pre-orders are now open for Animal Crossing: New Horizons at AmazonGameStop, and Best Buy. Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more on Animal Crossing: New Horizons as we approach the release date next year.

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