Sanrio Character Collection (Hello Kitty & Friends!) event coming to Pocket Camp this week

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It’s been a little while since the last major content update to Pocket Camp. but Nintendo is coming in now with all their might introducing the Sanrio Character Collection event this week!

Following up on the Sanrio collaboration villagers and furniture released in Animal Crossing: New Leaf back in November 2016, the Sanrio characters and items are now making their way to Pocket Camp.

The festivities will begin later this week with the release of two new fortune cookies featuring Sanrio characters Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll in Collection #1. Some items will be craftable through the Sanrio Characters Crafting Collection too, presumably with Leaf Tickets for the most part.

A new Sanrio-themed Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt will begin soon too featuring limited-time Hello Kitty themes amenities for your campsite, and a variety of Sanrio character themed shirts.

Finally, there will be a set of related goals that tie into all of the new Sanrio happenings rewarding us with new villager maps and fortune cookies! Presumably, this will give us a route to earn at least a few of the new items without spending Leaf Tickets.

Perhaps most exciting though is the discovery through datamining that the Rilla and Chai villagers from New Leaf, based on Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll, are coming to Pocket Camp as campers to invite to your campsite. From what we can tell, you will need to unlock them through new villager maps.

All of that is just the beginning though because later in July, Collection #2 will arrive with Collection #3 following in early August. These releases will bring even more Sanrio items to Pocket Camp including another two fortune cookies themed to Pompompurin and My Melody in Collection #2.

And beyond the excitement in Pocket Camp, we have to wonder what this might mean for the potential of Sanrio collaboration villagers and items in the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons releasing on Nintendo Switch next year.

It’s been thought that the collaboration license was a one-time partnership for New Leaf with little luck for future releases but it looks like there’s definitely potential now for inclusion in New Horizons!

Are you excited to see Sanrio characters make the jump to Pocket Camp, or perhaps even to New Horizons next year? Let us know in the comments below!

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