Autumn Seasonal Event, Old-Time Gardening Event, Steampunk Cookie + Clothing, New Terrain (Pocket Camp Content Preview)

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A new content update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has arrived today bringing us a fresh haul of new items found in the game’s files and set to be released officially in the next couple weeks. Dig in because it’s time for the latest Pocket Camp Content Preview!

First up, let’s take a look at the new Seasonal Event for the month of September. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this month’s seasonal event will be none other than an Autumn themed one! We’ll be collecting some sort of autumn leaf material to complete the seasonal goals as seen below.

And for the event’s prizes, we can spot a pile of leaves item, an autumn leaf chair item, and pretty large Autumn tree item, which may be the final item for the goals.

Moving on, we have a new gardening event starting very soon as previewed by Nintendo officially on the official Animal Crossing Twitter account. It sounds like this gardening even will be themed to a historical or old-time feel, although the name is unclear right now. Here’s the official preview below:

And here’s all of the actual items you’ll be able to get as prizes for the old-time gardening event:

We expect this gardening event to start alongside the seasonal Autumn event, so very soon in the next couple days.

After the autumn themed events, the next most notable addition found in today’s Pocket Camp update has to be the new Wolfgang’s Steampunk Cookie!

As you can see from the preview image above, this cookie definitely has a big steampunk vibe going on! Check out the full list of items in the photos below:

Wolfgang’s Steampunk Cookie should be arriving very soon in the next few days since all of the item’s pictures are in the game files. Note that this isn’t an official name and just our own conjuncture from the items seen.

In addition to the items included in the cookie, we will be getting a complete Steampunk Clothing Collection too! These items are likely to all be crafted for Leaf Tickets and includes clothing items like boots, hats, googles, coats, dresses, and more.

Here’s the photos for all of the items we expect to be included in the new Steampunk Clothing Collection:

And while we’re talking about new fortune cookies, a new Autumn Fortune Cookie has been spotted too! Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information on it besides the icon pictured below, but it’s pretty obvious what we can expect to find based on that.

Speaking of the autumn season, we’ll be collecting some mushroom materials for the next Gyroidite Collection event! Check out the material icon below:

And combining both the Steampunk and Autumn themes together, there’s a small new set of wallpapers and carpets. It’s likely that these will be part of another Wall and Floor Crafting Collection for Leaf Tickets but we can’t say for sure yet. Here they are:

Finally, some new campsite terrain options are coming soon! These look like they’re intended to go alongside both the new gardening event items and the Wolfgang’s Steampunk Cookie items.

We can spot a small in-game preview from the memory photo for the Steampunk Cookie as seen below.

Whew! I think that just about covers everything notable in today’s content update to Pocket Camp! Most of what we covered here will likely go live in the game sometime in the next week or so.

What are you looking forward to most? Will you be picking up some of the new Steampunk items, or keeping focused on the gardening event? Let us know in the comments below!

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