Choco-Mint Scavenger Hunt, Wiggin’ Out Collection, Blathers Furniture (Pocket Camp Content Preview)

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With the latest update, we’ve got a fresh look at some new upcoming content coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp over the next couple weeks!

First up, a closer look at the next in-game event beginning in the next few days, the Choco-Mint Scavenger Hunt. Like the name would suggest, this event consists of a chocolate-mint themed furniture set. Check out the items below:

The next fortune cookie, Beau’s Artisanal Cookie, arriving tomorrow should be a good match with these event items too.

Also coming very soon, we have our first look at the long awaited Wiggin’ Out Collection. This collection has been teased for some time now, and now we can see exactly what items are in store. Check out the entire collection below:

One more new item discovered in the latest update is what looks to be a new Special Furniture. We don’t have the associated special character confirmed yet, but the file name contains ‘owl’, so we’re pretty sure this is a Blathers Special Furniture item. Check it out yourself below:

Finally, Nintendo recently revealed the entirety of the next fortune cookie, Beau’s Artisanal Cookie, on social media yesterday. It’s releasing tonight at 11PM Pacific Time and you can check out a video below:

Thanks to /u/Gizmotaku from Reddit for data-mining.

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Lucy Cupcake

I’ve just bought the side ponytail! The second it became available -so, so cute!


I also plan to get the side ponytail as soon as I have enough leaf tickets. I also like the high bun style.

I don’t agree that we have enough space in inventory for all these new fish and bugs. I’ve spent precious leaf tickets on extra spaces too but I think the total inventory should go up to 400.


hi, can you change the color of the wig after you make it??? I wanted to craft one, but I’m not sure