New fish and bugs, friendship level increase, Leaf Ticket changes arrive in Pocket Camp

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A new update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been released today, featuring major new changes to creatures like bug and fish, and more!

Most notably, nearly 20 new fish and bugs have been added to Pocket Camp in this new update, like the Raja B. Butterfly and the classic Coelacanth. Some of these are from past fishing tournament events, but now they’re here as regular fish all the time!

Unfortunately, we’ll have to say goodbye to some old favorite creatures like the Football Fish in the process though to make room for the new additions, so don’t worry about your inventory space. It sounds like Nintendo plans to rotate bugs and fish out from time to time now, so the old ones might return later.

Here’s the complete list of new creatures to be caught in Pocket Camp:

Saltwater Shores

  • Octopus
  • Pacific Saury
  • Puffer Fish
  • Sweet Shrimp
  • Atlantic Mackerel
  • Achilles Surgeonfish
  • Coelacanth
  • Whale Shark
  • Oyster Shell

Lost Lure Creek

  • Freshwater Goby
  • Bluegill
  • Catfish
  • Salmon
  • Gar

Sunburst Island

  • Common Butterfly
  • Horned Atlas
  • Raja B. Butterfly
  • Saw Stag

Another new addition in today’s update is yet another increase to the maximum friendship level cap with villagers. Now you can level your favorite campers up to Level 35, with another Sparkle Stone reward for hitting that highest level.

To be honest, it’s pretty disappointing not to see any better rewards considering the incredible amount of time and effort it takes to reach such a level. At least there’s something new to work towards though if you have any villagers currently maxed out at Level 30!

One last change to Pocket Camp with this update is an adjustment to the Leaf Ticket cost for crafting items when you’re missing either a large amount of crafting materials or essence materials. We don’t know exactly how much the prices have been discounted, but it’s always been kind of a rip-off using Leaf Tickets for crafting short of materials.

Like most updates to Pocket Camp, a bunch of new upcoming content and events have been data-mined. Check out our Pocket Camp Content Preview featuring Choco-Mint Scavenger Hunt and Wiggin’ Out Collection here!

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