Gulliver’s Ship updated, Market Box changes, new Happy Homeroom classes, and more in Pocket Camp v2.6

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A new major version update has arrived to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android with version 2.6 today!

Most notably, version 2.6 brings major changes in a total revamp of how Gulliver and his ship works in Pocket Camp. The previous system of giving Gulliver duplicates of furniture and other items from Fortune Cookies and other sources has been completely replaced.

Now, Gulliver will only accept fish, bugs, fruit, and a new craftable Cargo item! Under the crafting menu, you’ll find a new dedicated section for various types of cargo to craft that can be sent to Gulliver to increase your export points.

Once you’ve loaded up the ship with enough items for export points, pick an island to send Gulliver off to! Unlike before, you have a selection of islands to choose from, each with their own unique rewards. The islands available will set automatically after enough time or you can pay bells to reset them sooner.

Another addition to Pocket Camp in today’s update is the introduction of a new purchase limiting feature for Market Boxes. Now you can set restrictions on how many items a player can purchase from your market boxes in a single day! If you’ve got a busy market, you might want to stop someone from buying everything before others get the chance.

And that’s especially helpful because in today’s update, you can also now sell new types of materials in your market box! Those newly sellable materials include wood, steel, cotton, paper, and preserves.

Moving on to the content side, a new round of classes have been added to the Happy Homeroom with the new Course 13 available today including eight new classes. As always, you can find the details on how to complete these including all the recommended items and how to get them at our Happy Homeroom: Recommended Flawless Items, Tips & Tricks guide page!

One more change of note is an increase to the usefulness of feeding your villagers friendship snacks! Non-themed bronze snacks will now give you three points of friendship with a villager instead of two, and non-themed gold snacks will now give you a whopping 25 points instead of the previous 15!

All of the themed snack point amounts have been increased a small amount too.

Finally, some more minor changes have been made including:

  • The Gulliver villagers O’Hare, Rowan, and Plucky have been converted to map villagers and can now only be unlocked via maps.
  • Nine new Stretch Goals giving free Leaf Tickets have been added relating to the new Gulliver’s Ship update.
  • In Blather’s Treasure Trek, maps giving Essence materials can now be rolled using material like Wood instead of Bells.

That just about covers everything in today’s major Pocket Camp update to version 2.6! As always, stay tuned to Animal Crossing world for everything on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and all other things Animal Crossing.

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