Nintendo of Europe sending surveys testing Animal Crossing: New Horizons messages, minor new information

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Some Animal Crossing fans have recently received official surveys from Nintendo of Europe containing questions on the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with a few new tidbits of information sprinkled in.

Over on Reddit, various screenshots were recently shared by fans detailing questions from the survey, specifically focusing on advertised feature bullet-points of the game. Most of the points cover what we already know about New Horizons, like that up to 8 players can play together online and the new NookPhone feature with apps like the camera and crafting.

There are a few small new tidbits to be found though, like the line about new objects to collect including fish, bugs, ‘shells’ (more on that in the translator notes), and fossils. While we obviously would have expected new fish and bugs, the addition of new fossils is less expected. Plus, the new ‘shells’ could refer to what we will collect to craft fishing bait.

Additionally, we also have some information on the progression of our new island, specifically that you can Create your own neighborhood from the ground up: Plan the construction of new buildings and experience as more and more villagers arrive on the island.”

While we mostly already knew this from previous interviews and basic predictions, we’ll certainly happily take the confirmation of constructing new buildings on the island, especially an entire neighborhood. Hopefully it won’t be long until we hear more about these details!

Finally, there’s a mention of the vaulting pole revealed at E3 2019 under an ‘Explore new areas’ heading. While we already knew that the pole can be used to cross rivers to new areas, I have to wonder if there could be more to this feature than we thought given its given an entire line. Perhaps it can be used to climb up to the cliff areas or other places too?

As for the origins of this survey, from what we can tell it appears the intention behind these surveys from Nintendo of Europe were likely to test out responses to various messages that may be used for Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ advertising and marketing in the region. That’s just a guess though.

Here’s the full translation of the various screenshots posted by fans, courtesy of ladiesbabies on Reddit — huge thanks to them:

Connect with up to 8 players: Up to 8 players can connect their consoles locally or online and visit the islands of other players

Explore new areas: With advanced objects like the pole you can explore more and more new areas of your island

New objects to collect: Catch new fish, bugs, shells (translator note: likely clams/mussels) and fossils

Share the island with others: Up to four players can play on the same console at the same time and can work and live together on the same island

Create your own neighborhood from the ground up: Plan the construction of new buildings and experience as more and more villagers arrive on the island (translator note: I’ve reordered this passage to make it clearer in English that you are the one planning to build new buildings, not the villagers. These statements being coupled together seems to me like they mean villager-related buildings, like houses, but it could mean any building).

Your own NookPhone: Discover your new in-game Smartphone with useful apps, among them a camera, new crafting ideas and more

A new and exciting island setting: Enjoy the quiet and friendly atmosphere of your island paradise and follow the seasons throughout the year

As you can see, there really wasn’t much new here to see. We’re in desperate times right now awaiting more Animal Crossing: New Horizons news though, so we’ll take anything we can get!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches worldwide in less than three months from now on March 20th! Check out our release date countdown here, or pre-order the game here. Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more news as we approach the release!

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whut… the survey was in english lmao (theres english screenshots on tumblr at least) why are nyall using a translation. didnt even touch on the mention of being able to change the islands landscape
also other survey questions are really telling too. like ‘have you played minecraft/stardew valley/story of seasons’ points to more ‘farming’ related gameplay


the bullet points you see are a translation because the survey is actually in german, they actually ask for screenshots in the reddit thread and the OP respond that they’re in german.


…i did the exact same survey. in english lmao. nintendo didnt just send a survey to like 3 people. if you checked outside of that single thread youd have found english screenshots