Nintendo writes wholesome letter reply to child waiting for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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What’s the hottest Nintendo topic on Twitter in Japan today? It’s a super wholesome letter reply from Nintendo about Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Japanese to a young fan!

A parent recently wrote on Twitter about how their daughter has been asking them if Animal Crossing: New Horizons is released yet every single day since the new year began.

So her daughter actually wrote a letter including an Animal Crossing illustration and sent it in the mail to Nintendo. Naturally, they weren’t expecting to receive a reply back but that’s exactly what happened!

Only about a week later, a letter reply was sent back from Nintendo with a lovely set of Animal Crossing character art decorated on the bottom of the paper.

A very rough translation of the letter reply from Nintendo reveals a thank you for both the initial letter and illustration, an agreement that they are looking forward to the release, an ask for patience until it is, and finally that Nintendo wishes to make a game that everyone can enjoy!

It’s so lovely to see that even in this day and age, Nintendo still writes back letter mail replies sometimes, especially to children. And let’s be real, we’re all thinking exactly the same as this Japanese child was — we want New Horizons now!

This letter has been absolutely blowing up on Japanese Twitter too with more than 125,000 likes in less than 24 hours at the time of writing this article. I guess we’re going to see a wave of fans writing letters to Nintendo now hoping for similar replies, aren’t we?

(via Pokemori-Yun)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches worldwide in less than two months from now on March 20th! Check out our release date countdown here, or pre-order the game here. Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more news as we approach the release!

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Matthew Barcellos

As a teacher, I have students write letters to famous people or businesses, in hopes of getting a response. I’ve had a few write to the NOA President, and to the company itself. 100% of the time Nintendo responds with a personal letter and either a Pokemon card, or stickers.


Omg I love this so much! I applaud this idea!!! I invited Bill Murray to my wedding, sadly, he didn’t show or respond….


That’s so awesome! I know that if I was a kid (or even now) and I wrote to Nintendo asking about my favourite game or franchise and they wrote back I’d be in tears and so so happy. It’s just a really nice thing to do.


Some of us have been waiting a whopping 8 years! All because the Wii U was a commercial failure, forcing all its games to get moved over to Switch, delaying games like this. If Wii U had lasted the typical 4 or 5 years, it’d have seen an Animal Crossing game, but since it didn’t, Switch was rushed out, with all Wii U games moved to it, delaying when they’d come out. That’s why we’ve had to wait almost a decade between games.