No Nintendo or Animal Crossing Direct this week? Smash Bros. DLC stream announced Thursday

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A new live video presentation has been announced by Nintendo this week, but it might not be the one you’re looking for right now.

On Twitter this morning, Nintendo announced the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate live-stream where the next DLC fighter has been confirmed for a reveal this Thursday at 6AM Pacific. Like always, the event will be hosted by series Director Masahiro Sakurai and is sure to pack a few surprises.

Unfortunately, this news makes it extremely unlikely we will see the long awaited next Nintendo Direct or Animal Crossing Direct anytime this week. Generally speaking, Thursday is the typical slot in the week where Nintendo likes to host a Nintendo Direct, so we can say with almost complete certainty that there will be no other big presentations happening this week.

Given that an upcoming Smash Bros. DLC fighter was one of the pending and upcoming announcements we were expecting to see in a Nintendo Direct, there may not be any Nintendo Direct planned for at least the next couple weeks as it would have been logical to just bundle them together.

Looking at a brief history of the Smash Bros. live-streams like this one, they always seem to occur with at least a few weeks gap between another full-fledged Nintendo Direct. Never has there been one immediately close to a Smash Bros. live-stream like this one.

Of course, a dedicated Animal Crossing Direct is a whole different matter and there’s no reason to believe that couldn’t occur at any time, other than this week. So if I had to offer my predictions right now, it would be either a general Nintendo Direct sometime in early February at the earliest, or an Animal Crossing Direct at any point starting next week.

If you want something to look forward to right now in terms of Animal Crossing: New Horizons news, I’d set your focus on the upcoming release of the Nintendo Dream magazine next week which features New Horizons on the cover!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches worldwide in less than three months from now on March 20th! Check out our release date countdown here, or pre-order the game here. Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more news as we approach the release!

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