TRICK: Get Rid of Unwanted Fruit Energy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons By Using A Toilet, Seriously

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We love the brand new Fruit Energy feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that allows you to literally pick up entire trees into your inventory and break rocks, but sometimes it can get in the way when you don’t want it.

Thankfully, it turns out Nintendo has actually implemented a way to do take care of the problematic scenario of having too much fruit energy, but the method certainly isn’t what we expected to see.

To easily get rid of your excess Fruit Energy in Animal Crossing: New Horizon without digging any trees or breaking any rocks, you’ll need to get yours hands on some kind of Toilet furniture item and place it either in your house or outside on the island. Then it’s as simple as hopping onto your toilet and the magic happens!

Your Fruit Energy will automatically begin to deplete one at a time all the way from a maximum of 10 down to absolutely nothing. Once you’re down to zero without any fruit energy, the game will pop up a lovely message saying “And that takes care of that!”.

As for why you might want to remove your current Fruit Energy, the main problem is that you can break rocks when holding energy. Being able to break rocks is a great feature for decorating purposes, but it can be a real pain when you just want to hit the rock multiple times for crafting materials.

It’s worth being aware of this feature too because if you don’t know about it, you could accidentally get rid of your Fruit Energy by sitting on a toilet when you actually would prefer to keep it!

Be sure to check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guides page here for more information and tricks on the game.

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