TRICK: Speed Up Your Crafting Time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Crafting is something you’ll constantly be doing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons whether you’re at the beginning of the game or have a fully developed town, but it can certainly get a little time consuming if you have a lot to craft.

Thankfully, there’s a small hidden trick available to speed up the receptive crafting process! First, head over to a crafting workbench — either next to Tom Nook inside of Resident Services or a custom one you’ve crafted for inside your house and outdoors.

Next, pick an item you’d like to craft from your DIY Recipes list and begin the crafting process as normal. Then when your character has begun crafting the item, just tap the A button a couple times in quick succession to watch yourself craft at warp speed!

Watch the short video clip we recorded below to see just how fast you can craft with this trick:

This trick is particularly helpful for crafting short life time item that need to be repetitively made on a constant basis to maintain supply, like everyday tools and the Fish Bait you can craft using Manila Clams.

Anyway, you may very well have already known about this, but you might also be like myself and completely missed that this was possible for days! I had tried pressing the B button or holding down A, but I never thought to press it multiple times until recently.

Be sure to check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guides page here for more information and tricks on the game.

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