Version 1.1.1 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons released, fixes item duplication glitch

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A new software update has been released for Animal Crossing: New Horizons today following a brief maintenance window for the game!

The latest update brings the game up to Version 1.1.1 and contains only one notable change, but it’s an extremely important one for those who enjoy trading with others online.

According to the official patch notes released by Nintendo, the Version 1.1.1 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has “Fixed a serious bug affecting game balance”, which we have confirmed is a popular item duplication glitch.

After updating to Version 1.1.1, you will no longer be able to perform the item duplication glitch which required two players in the local co-op multiplayer mode of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. By placing a small item on a table and constantly rotating the item, another player could pick up duplicates repeatedly off the table.

Note that you will need to be updated to Version 1.1.1 to play online multiplayer with other players and access other network features. Local multiplayer can only be played with others on the same version of the game as you.

Your copy of the game should update automatically but if for some reason it doesn’t, you can manually trigger the update by pressing the + button on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons home screen icon, selecting Software Update, and hitting Via The Internet.

You can find the official patch notes for Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Japanese here, and we’ll update this article with a link to the official English version when they are released.

Let me know your thoughts on this quick fix update as I know not everyone out there will agree with me on its importance, and that’s completely okay. I’d love to hear your opinion regardless.

For more on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, check out our work-in-progress Guides section here.

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Trading in prior games, especially New Leaf, was broken because of how easy and prevalent item duplication was. With the removal of this glitch, Nintendo has fixed one major component of New Horizons for a lot of people, and they’ve also shown their commitment to making sure this game is smooth and fair. Good on them, I look forward to future updates.



Kaleb Hayes

Could there possibly be some way in the future to change who the Island Rep is on a console? My whole family plays, but I play more than the rest. The island was started while I was at work, and everyone got so far (emotionally) that restarting was not particularly appealing. Now we’re several days in, and no one plays as often as I do, and I am constantly having to switch between my own villager and that of the Island Rep (my wife) so that I can advance the island. Or perhaps just having a feature that allows the… Read more »


Just delete and make a new island where you are rep. if your wife is not playing…..why go through the bother. make the island yours and she a secondary….common sense……….. just soo you know, if you are island rep you get to do everything. Easily a google search.



John Mackin

How invested is your wife? Maybe you can delete her character, and maybe that’ll make the game pick a new island rep?


Just shake your controller and your wife have to press x, and you can easily switch like that every time you need so you can progress equally, but if you want to take stuff out of your storage you need to be alone so you need to call resident and pick end session and whoever is the leader will stay on the island. That’s how I play with my boyfriend and we’re equally progressing


Press down on the joystick to be able to access your storage. Press down and then press the right button.


Just restart the island so it’s yours. No reason for all the switching. Tbh if I wasn’t playing it as much as my husband I’d expect him to do the same. But luckily I got my own game and so does he.


There should definitely be a way to change the island rep in the future! But I hope you had a talk with your family about how they really should have waited for you! We all waited so long for this game they could have waited for you to get home lol


I really hope they can have higher rate of getting variety of mystery tour


Sad that this was the glitch they decides to fix, considering it was in every game since GC. Anyone could name 10 problems besides it.


It is basically cheating. It removes the effort of the game and you should definitely not exploit it.

Savannah Gregory

This is legit such a pain! Duping didn’t hurt anyone, and in some cases it’s the best way to get rare and hard to find items!


Thats because those items are supposed to be rare and hard to fine lol. Duplication completley breaks the game.


breaks the game? who are you hurting by creating bunches of items and decorate?


just because you were only using it to decorate doesn’t mean everyone else was.

Cheating Ruins Integrity

Do you play solitaire by searching through the deck and finding each card you need? No because that would be cheating in a single player game. It may not hurt any person, but it definitely disrupts the integrity of the game. Rules and guidelines exist for a reason. Are you truly playing Blackjack if you just give yourself an Ace and Face every hand?


Imagine thinking you’re entitled to RARE items on infinite…what a world view.

Johnny Cakes

Good. Now if they could fix it so time traveling was impossible that’d be great.

Time Traveler


Marty Mcfly

My movies would be impossible.


Yess that would be epic, no one would be time traveling and everyone could actually not cheat and get stuff litgitly


The thing about time traveling is that they can’t restrict that without somehow locking something down on the Switch, which opens up an entirely different can of worms. Because of what Animal Crossing is, time travel will always be possible in the game. They’re already solving the issue by restricting events to online updates and ensuring that everyone gets access to the content equally, which is probably the best way to do it. Don’t forget in addition, there are already other consequences such as spoiling turnips.


they could have another server where its permanently online with same timezone for all


Making it so golden tools don’t break would be great.
No point in upgrading if it breaks anyway.

Permanent Tools

pro tip, customizing your tools resets the durability counter


@Permanent Tools: That doesn’t sound intentional… that sounds like something they’ll be fixing at some point.

But I have to agree, there’s no point in the Golden Tools if they also break. I don’t know why they made that happen.


I totally agree. I was like OK the gold tools can break? Wtw?



Von Arlin

People: omg y do they remove dupe glitch it doesn’t hurt anyone
Me: *side-eyes the AC trading subreddits where dupers/time travels have run out of easy Nook Miles and are buying and selling nook tickets for 500k bells* yeah, doesn’t hurt anyone. Except anyone who wanted to fairly participate in the game’s economy.


Can we get a “craft all” option?


I applaud this effort. Now if they can just do something about the time-traveling. Why can’t people just play the way the game is designed to be played?


The gding day they do that and most everyone will get up and walk on the game dood. Lmfao.


Can you imagine thinking that something like this can break a single player game? lmao no you need to sell your soul to the company store. That’s the fun of the game, insurmountable debt, not the god sim island builder that was advertised.

Can you imagine caring if someone else has a thousand iterations of a rare item? This is absurd.

Someone Who Plays Multiplayer

New Horizons is NOT a strictly single-player game. Any game with a Multiplayer aspect as strong as Animal Crossing can never truly be called that. Especially not when the online community’s economy is so broken now.

It’s not like money is hard to get through legitimate means.

Seth Schroeder

As strong as? Sorry I forgot where the matchmaking, random island meet up, and all other aspects are of a multi-player game.

This is coop at best.

Duplication does zero things against my game. There is no leaderboard, ranking, head to head or anything else.


It’s not absurd if you worked for an item and they got it by cheating and is bragging about it and trying to sell it to u for the money you made without cheating


This has to be the stupidest reply to this that I have read lol. First off all there is multiplayer and an economy to ruin and second off when someone creates even a simple board game it comes with RULES. If you want to play with people besides yourself you need to play by those rules. The video game is no different. If you want to stay in single player and never update your game and get unlimited item have fun but not at the expense of everyone who actually wants to PLAY the game. Go play sims with cheats… Read more »


Thank God I turned off auto updates lol, not today Nintendo!


lol seriously. it’s your game, not nintendo’s. they have no right to tell you how you can play it.

Own The Rules

Lmao blatantly failing to understand ownership. Nintendo owns the game and all rights to it. In fact Nintendo has been pretty adamant in regards to their ownership of nearly all their IPs. You should look up what copyright laws actually mean. Also games need rules. Without rules it isn’t even a game anymore. Even Legos have rules! The pieces need to be able to link to each other otherwise they are not a Lego piece.


where i see your point, rules are made to be broken part of the fun of games like this are making your own rules. I didn’t really see an issue if you felt it disrupted the integrity of your game then don’t do it. things like this have always been in animal crossing so just let people do what they want. Same with time travel if you don’t want to then don’t this isn’t a serious game and if i were to time travel it wouldn’t impact others unless i was out here tryna well shit i got while traveling… Read more »


Nintendo literally created the game. They have every right to make you play by the rules.


If you need to dupe in a game that literally throws everything at you , your a sad person . Game hasn’t been out for even a week and already got ppl cheating for dupes . If you dupe you bloodline is weak and prolly need to go play with Legos or something you can cheat at


“It wasn’t hurting anyone.” It has online multiplayer and thus allows for abuse in trading.

“It’s MY game, not Nintendo. I paid for it!” Congrats. But your vision isn’t the same as their vision and their vision doesn’t include a shortcut to rare items. You bought the game THEY made.



Is there really multiplayer though? If you don’t have friends there aint really multiplayer


Minecraft is multiplayer. If you dont have any friends you can’t play without xbox live. If you need friends to play it doesn’t mean it isn’t multiplayer.


Whilst I didn’t get to do it its my game regardless. But ya whatever Nintendo. I am quite literally more pissed about the way they upgraded my home than the glitch. Someone else will come along eventually and do something else. Always have always will. Srsly 3 rooms are 6 by 6 instead of the 8 by 8 which suckz. Nintendo flipping lost their heads ages ago imo. Then you got the fact that there isn’t paintings in the museum. I always looked forward to that. And don’t get me started on the gyroids. That part I was looking forward… Read more »


Man they can fix this but not the dumb shit where you can’t place things when people are on your island?


it’s so funny to me as an mmo player reading all the people complaining about this glitch being fixed. the dupe glitch was never in the spirit of the game. it was never a part of intended gameplay. in any decent mmo, anyone purposefully exploiting the glitch would be slammed with a ban regardless of how much they paid. it is well within Nintendo’s rights to fix a glitch that is directly tied to multiplayer. the fact that you had to have super specific circumstances in order to even do it should be a giant red flag for it not… Read more »


Thank you.


Buncha simps looool glad none of u can dupe anymore, doesnt matter if it didnt hurt me I like that ur mad now lolololol


Cheating in Animal Crossing ruins the immersion and the entire point of this unique and relaxing franchise. Doesn’t matter if you feel entitled to cheats and mods. I won’t waste my time arguing with people about that since the developers are already in agreement. This game is designed to be played a certain way, and if you don’t like that then it’s really not the franchise for you. By all means, play it anyway, but if you get butthurt when they fix issues like this then that’s entirely on you.


All these fking idiots lmao
I can just reset the version and jump back and fuck up the trading if I want to and there’s nothing you can do about it

Bobby K

Released a fast enough update for this, but won’t change needing another switch to not be a second class citizen


First off who gives a $#!7 what others do to play their game. It’s quite literally none of their business. Animal crossing is a GD game and nothing more… For some people…. the fun of games like this ARE the exploits… If you don’t like it “That’s on you”…..If you feel the need to dehumanize people who enjoy doing this YOU ARE THE ONE WITH PROBLEMS….. WTH do you care if someone got something “You had to work Soooo hard to achieve” the easy way? When I’m at home playing games I don’t think geee I wonder if some dude… Read more »


I never even knew about this glitch and yea it is like cheating however I did not care one way or the other But what I am mad about is that when I have like my mom or brother playing the game we have to share the same island. They don’t get the same experience and when one of use use the resources it takes forever for another to get the same recourse. Plus it makes less room to expand you island because you have other people’s items on your island like their tents and or houses. Please creators of… Read more »


How about these jerkoffs patch the game so I can get the full experience on my switch and get my own island without having to buy a whole new console.

So stupid that I’m essentially delegated as an enhanced npc on my fiancé’s island and can’t have my own, just because we share a system. Embarrassing for a current gen console to have such a limitation.


Well I guess I just won’t play online. Simple as that. I’ll play local with my buddies who also glitch. So suck it Nintendo.


I haven’t been able to use online play at all and would LOVE a fix that will allow online play for people with NAT types that are not A or B. Just google “New Horizons online error”. I am far from alone in this and my ISP can’t figure it out.


Friend codes… I’m looking for some female friends. I’d love to visit Japan and Ireland as well as the UK and Italy. My FC is SW7089 1249 6111. I can’t wait to add cats to my island like Lolly, Bob,Purrl and Tom. I have an all cat town in new lead. I watched how some people already have their island set pretty cool. I got my game 6 days past the 20th so I had a late start. I welcome new friends. I so look forward to island hopping and having lots of funnn!!!


Okay today was the first day of the bunny day but no zipper t bunny or eggs on my island but I have the lastest update what should I do?