3 Tips & Tricks to Find More Eggs During Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons [VIDEO]

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The Bunny Day event has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with Zipper T. Bunny challenging you to collect a variety of Easter eggs for crafting into Bunny Day furniture! We’ve got three handy tips and tricks to help you find more eggs during the event.

While finding most of the Easter egg types in Bunny Day is relatively straightforward, there are a few small extra matters to be aware of that can help you find more eggs easily in a shorter period of time than if you didn’t know.

Visit Mystery Islands with Nook Miles Tickets to Get More Eggs

Most of the Easter Eggs you need to collect for Bunny Day around your island are a limited resource, besides Sky Eggs from Egg Balloons and Water Eggs from fishing in the ocean or sea.

Thankfully, there is a way to get around this limitation besides waiting or time traveling to the next day! By visiting mystery islands using Nook Miles Tickets purchased at the Nook Stop terminal, you can find a fresh batch of these limited quantity eggs.

Specifically, you can find all four limited eggs by visiting most mystery islands. If the island has regular trees, you will typically find one tree bearing a set of three Leaf Eggs. And there should always be at least one or two buried Earth Eggs in the ground on the island.

As for Stone Eggs, most mystery islands have at least 3 or 4 rocks that you can hit, and they’ll produce plenty of Stone Eggs too. In fact, rocks on these islands have a higher chance of dropping Stone Eggs according to advice given by villagers in their dialogue.

Finally, you can find more trees to hit with an axe for Wood Eggs on mystery islands too. And speaking of trees, that ties right into our next tip in the section below…

Chop Coconut Palm Trees for Better Chances of Wood Eggs

While you can obviously hit regular trees across your island with an axe to get Wood Eggs, it’s worth noting that your Palm Trees which grow Coconuts can be used for Wood Egg harvesting too.

And even better, according to some advice that villagers share in their dialogue during the event, there’s actually a higher chance of Wood Eggs dropping from Coconut Trees versus other standard trees.

From our experience, as limited as it may be on Day 1 of the event, this appears to be largely true. While we often encountered many regular trees that produced zero Wood Eggs, almost every Coconut Tree we’ve tried has dropped eggs!

Combining this with the earlier trick about visiting mystery islands, we highly recommend giving all of the Coconut Trees on an island a hit before you leave.

Look Out for Medium Fish Shadows to Get Water Eggs

If you’re on the hunt for Water Eggs in the ocean or river, we have one more trick that might help you out in finding these eggs! From our research so far, it seems that the vast majority of Water Eggs found in the river or ocean are of a medium fish shadow size.

So if you spot the medium sized fish shadow in either the ocean or the river, there’s a good chance you’ll catch a Water Egg out of the shadow! You can use this to your advantage to either hunt down more eggs, or in the opposite manner to try avoiding Water Eggs and find more actual fish.

Here’s a collage of screenshots we put together showing four fish shadows that all resulted in a Water Egg catch:

To be clear, we’ve heard reports that is still possible to find Water Eggs in other fish shadow sizes, but in our experience the vast majority of eggs come from the medium sized shadows.

Anyway, that’s our three main tips and tricks for finding more eggs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Easter event! We hope you learned something new, be sure to let us know in the comments of any other tips you have that might be helpful and worth sharing.

This article was focused on more advanced advice, but for everything else you need to know about the Bunny Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, check out our complete guide here including how to get every type of egg and all of the Bunny Day items you can craft.

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