How To Prepare For This Weekend’s Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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The very first Fishing Tourney Event of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is just a couple days away and we have a few handy tips on how you can begin preparing for the big day!

This weekend’s fun Fishing Tourney event takes place on Saturday, April 11th beginning at 9AM in the morning when the special character C.J. will show up on your island with a booth setup outside Resident Services.

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Since the next edition of the event won’t arrive until several months later from now during the summer, you definitely won’t want to miss the opportunity to participate this month!

When the big day comes on Saturday, keep in mind that the event ends promptly after 6PM and it could take several hours to complete everything you want to do, so be sure to login early in the day if you can.

During the Fishing Tourney event, you’ll be tasked with completing repeatable challenges from C.J. to catch as many fish as possible in a short period of time. So there’s a few handy things you can do in advance to help yourself prepare for the challenges knowing this information.

First of all, it wouldn’t hurt to work on a stockpile of pre-crafted Fishing Rod tools as you’ll be going through a lot of them during the event, and it’s best to carry two at a time just in case one breaks mid-way during a challenge.

Next up, the best way to ensure you catch as many fish as possible during the short challenge time limits is to use a healthy amount of Fishing Bait, so you don’t waste precious time hunting down a fish shadow. By using Fishing Bait, you can make a new fish shadow appear on demand anywhere you want!

And by the way, this weekend’s Fishing Tourney event unfortunately takes place during the Bunny Day event period, so you can avoid those pesky Water Eggs by using Fishing Bait too.

To get Fishing Bait, you need to craft it by collecting Manila Clams that can be found by digging on your island’s beach at spots where you see activity in the sand. It can take a lot of time collecting Manila Clams, not to mention the crafting time to make each one.

So we highly recommend spending some significant time on Thursday and Friday stockpiling as many Manila Clams as you can muster before the event hits on the weekend. Then you can get started on crafting as much Fishing Bait as possible!

This will save you a ton of time with the actual Fishing Tourney event on Saturday leaving you more time to actually fish and rack up points, rather than waste time fiddling around with collecting clams and crafting.

So are you excited for participate in your first Fishing Tourney this weekend with C.J? Or have you already gave the event a spin by time traveling ahead? Let us know what you think either way in the comments below!

For more on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, check out our Guides section here and stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for updates.

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